ERIL Founding Members

ERIL will be led by two educators. They have sixty years of combined experience and understand the needs of the students in the inner city communities. They have worked in various programs and have also created programs which have resulted in success for students. Their leadership at ERIL will be the key to the success this school will experience. Founding members of Evangeline Roberts Institute of Learning are Jean Byrd, Shelia Malveaux and Celia Walker.

Shelia Malveaux has over 25 years in the field of education. She spent fifteen years at Jackson Elementary School where she assisted colleagues with a parent involvement program and played an important role in the mentoring program for girls ranging from the third to fifth grade. Ms. Malveaux possesses an administrative and teaching credential. She also has a master’s degree in Administration and another master’s degree in education with emphasis in reading.

Jean Byrd, who recently passed has worked at inner city schools in southeast San Diego, and at a working class community in Imperial Beach servicing a diverse population of students. As a math specialist at Jackson Elementary School, Mrs. Byrd targeted the needs of these students by providing small group instruction to build basic skills. She also organized parent groups, taught after school reading groups, and organized RIF programs. Mrs. Byrd has a master’s degree in administration.

Celia Walker has worked at two urban schools in Chula Vista over the past nineteen years. She was District Teacher of the Year at Sweetwater Union High School District and a top ten finalist for the County of San Diego in 2007. She was an AVID Coordinator and developed academic programs for the before school program. Celia Walker is also the president of Pathways 2 College, an organization geared to improve the academic performance of underrepresented students at four year universities. She has served on other non-profit boards such as Urban Games and State Raised Foundation. In addition, Celia Walker has a bachelor’s degree in business and has operated businesses before entering the arena of education. She also has master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.