A Beautiful Jean Byrd

jean 2 001 565 Jean Byrd-
A mother, sister, daughter, friend, cousin, colleague, teacher, and dancer has impacted so many lives. Her markers in life was her passion for what she felt worthy to pursue. She was one that gave 100% and then some to what her heart felt strongly about. She was an avid reader, and a lover of travel.

Jean was a wonderful mother and friend. She loved spending time with her family, gardening, dancing, and traveling. She had a humorous wit and always had a kind word to say to those around her. You could always find a smile that was a beacon of light to those around her.

What I remember most about Jean was her heart to see children grow and mature into becoming the best person that they were made to be. She exhibited this through example. If you knew Jean, you knew that she expected and saw the best in children and adults alike. That is why over and over and over again parents would request Jean for their child’s teacher. My sister did for all three of her children and I saw the impact she had on my nephews and niece. They still talk about their experience with this great teacher.

I personally remember our talks and plans about the school and life in general. She has enlightened me as a parent and a human being. I hold these moments near and dear to my heart. I will forever miss her. May her character and special qualities be forever engrained in the lives of the students at ERIL. Thank you, Ms. Jean Byrd for being a part of my life and the lives of many for generations to come.