About Us

Evangeline Roberts Institute of Learning (ERIL) is a charter school named in honor of its founding member’s grandmother. Evangeline Roberts was a woman who served her community. She was known by all as Grandma. She was responsible and respectful to all she encountered, demonstrated humility and commitment to family. Family, for her, was the community. She often fed provided housing, and helped many during the course of her life. As a tribute to Ms. Roberts, the school was named after someone who embodies all of the qualities we want our students to possess.

E.R.I.L. first opened its doors to students in the fall of 2011. A rigorous curriculum and a nurturing environment to maximize student learning is what you can expect from the Evangeline Roberts Institute of Learning Charter School.

The founding group responsible the Evangeline Roberts Institute of Learning (ERIL) is composed of experienced educators, business professionals and parents. Together, this group has over 60 years of educational experience within the San Diego public school system.

We are together as we move in one direction.